Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dior Lady Diorific review and pics

I'm back with a Dior nailpolish review!
I took a small hiatus while I learned more about make-up and took tons of photos
Now to edit and blog them all 
Sounds like I need lots of tea...or keep me company and it will be all good hee hee

First up to be blogged is one of my fave find these past few months
Dior Lady Diorific Vernis
This nailpolish had my name as soon as I saw it
Darn those Shopper's Drug Mart beauty boutiques!
yep- I was this cute bottle's beyotch at hello
Scroll back up and look at the bottle
That uber cute..dainty...elegant...bottle
See what I mean!

I have to admit I am very hard pressed to spend more than $20 on a polish
In fact I am pretty sure I said I never would
but the more I say that the more I keep falling in love with ones at that price point
maybe it would be easier to stop saying Never

Now to the polish
It is me
and me

I will start with the negatives:
streaky brush stokes that needed top coat to smooth out
runny- you can see in pic above all kinds of it at the sides of my nail
a wee bit pricey

the positives:
I loved it
my teen daughters loved it - shocker!
everyone who saw the colour commented on it and loved it
(the cute moustache stickers in honour of Movember helped)
great staying power
people literally grabbed my nails and commented on the colour and the stickers men did but hubby did mention he really liked it too!

Verdict- It was an amazing polish and I am so glad I splurged on it personally. I may get the black as well as I love the gold flecks in it. My friend purchased that one after seeing my nails so I will try it out and see if it also is a must buy. The red is enticing too. I keep it out on my vanity as it looks so pretty I can't bring myself to store it with the rest of my polish yet!

Have you tried any pricier polishes that you were totally satisfied or unsatisfied with? I would love to hear about them! 

Now to finally crack and get the long lusted after Debra Lippmann polish Across the Universe

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