Friday, April 13, 2012

Nail Polish Review- Zoya-Noel and Maisie

I have become a nail polish addict. Hard core. I have gone from the girl who wore the same chipped nailpolish for months to lusting after all the pretty colours out there. And instead of straight from bottle to nail application like I previously used to do..I now do base, top coats and use drip dry. I don't know what happened to Ol' Chippy (aka old me) but I like this new 'polished' version of myself. Ha ha...I crack myself up...polished version..get it?? Okay I'll stop trying to be funny and get down to the good stuff hee hee. 

Zoya is a new to me brand and came highly recommended from my fellow makeup addict and bff Sarah. So she said it was yummy for the nails so of course I became obsessed with getting some to try for as soon as possible. 

I chose Noel due to my current interest in blue or teal nailpolish. It is a rich colour with silver streaks running through the bottle and a nice serving of shimmer. I then had to buy some 'flakey' polish which is where Maisie came into play. As a crafter I can't turn my back on a good glitter and this 'flakey' look was different and cool. 

I first applied my base coat. After some experimenting I have found that I really like Misa's top and base coats as I have previously had my manicures last barely a day without serious chipping and I can get a week with Misa's combo with a bit of wear only at the tips. I scored a buy the top coat and get the base coat for free at Trade Secrets- gotta love a good score!

When it was time to apply Noel I found I really liked Zoya's brush size. It covered my nail amazingly and had to only do a few strokes to cover a nail. I struggle with brands with smaller brushes so Zoya's size made me happy. I found the formula glided on smoothly and didn't tug or pull. Also I didn't notice much streaking but mind you the flakey layer would hide any imperfections. Like my crappy job at painting my nails lol.

Maisie- the flakey formula- also had a nice brush size and again glided along the nails nicely. I had to give the bottle a nice roll between my hands so that the flakes were nicely distributed along the top of the polish as at first I was mostly getting just the clear part. After recapping and rolling I got a nice amount of flakes in each swipe. 

After putting on my top coats- 2 layers- I followed with some drying drops from OPI that were used on me at a Salon and I loved how fast it sped up the drying process. I tend to knock my nails against something almost immediately so this really helped me get the most out of my mani. 

I forgot to take a picture of my nails when they were freshly painted so this pic was taken 3 days later. Which I actually think is a testament to Zoya and the accompanying products as you can see very little wear on my nails. Previously I would have only had a small bit in the middle of my nails left or at minimum some serious chips. 

Funny how seeing my old lady hands up close like this makes me realize I need to explore some deep moisturizing hand cream next lol!!!

All in all I found Zoya to be as excellent a polish as Sarah had indicated. So now I need more OBVIOUSLY ;). I would give this polish a 8/10 overall. 

Cheers, Andrea

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  1. Hi Andrea! Glad I inspired you to start up a cosmetics blog of your own!

    I actually haven't ever tried out Zoya polishes - I've been meaning to, but I think I love my OPI too much! :P