Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Empties- Used up product reviews

I have really loved this feature on other blogs so I am starting this as well.
Plus it will help remind me of what I actually used and like. Ha!
Getting old has totally affected this girl's memory ;P

First up

Caudalie Gentle buffing cream:

I really loved this product. 
felt gentle when I used it and my face felt nice and clean
I felt like it removed old skin and got down to my new skin
Verdict- would purchase

Vichy One Step cleanser:

I really hated this product
Really surprised that I disliked it as I enjoy the brand
Texture felt terrible
skin didn't feel clean
couldn't even finish it- pitched it in the bin
verdict- wouldn't purchase

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash gel:

this stuff was awesome!
 I had no problem switching from my regular cleanser to use this and kept it in rotation
I have also tried the Simple makeup wipes and also enjoyed them
Loving this brand that is from the UK!
Can't wait to try more products from them
and the price point is great!
verdict- would purchase

Vasanti Brighten Up:

really loved this product!
warning- very intense scrubbage so be gentle
normally I would steer away from such a strong scrubby but I liked the results
I was really sad when this was gone
Thankfully another one of my subscription boxes sent me another one!
verdict- would purchase
(fyi- my dog seemed to like it too- at least the packaging as demonstrated by chew marks)

Sula Natural Lip Gloss:

I adore it
It feels sooo good on the lips
and the sparkle- swoon!
Just the right amount of sparkle for a 41 year old's lips
I love it so much I store it upright to scrape out the dregs at the bottom
I can't let it go
verdict- would love to repurchase!
problem is I can't seem to find any to buy in Canada and don't really want to buy online for just one
if anyone knows where I can get some please let me know!

What about you? Any items you plan on repurchasing when gone? Leave me a comment and let me know or leave a link to your blog!

Cheers- Andrea

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