Sunday, January 27, 2013

Makeup Haul! Part 1

I went shopping a week or so after the boxing day sales had died down as I had super powers of self control this year. Which basically means I couldn't even go to the malls or I would have fallen apart. So imagine my surprise and horror when I saw that many stores still had their boxing day prices on! My super powers of self control failed me for those few hours and I now have some new products to share with you ha!

First stop was Lush. I had gone in there before Christmas for the first time and have fallen in love with the quality of the products I had tried and was eager for more. I grabbed this bar of North Pole, Lemony Flutter and some mint julep lip scrub as a sample. 

North Pole: great smell! Very much a peppermint based fragrance and the soap was very nice to use. I didn't notice any drastic difference in my skin from using it but didn't get any dryness which was awesome. 

Would I repurchase: Probably not unless on sale as it was very pricey. Fun to try though. 

Lemony Flutter: Excellent for cuticles and dry skin. I haven't even made a dent in the bottle yet even though I have been using it frequently. Really nice softening product for your cuticles and pleasant smell!

Would I repurchase: Yes. You do get a lot of product for the price (around $15) and it goes a long way with great results. Many bloggers have indicated they have had their for over a year and still have lots left!

Mint Julep lip scrub: Lush is awesome in that you can pretty much get a sample of anything to try! Amazing feature! It was very interesting to try. Seemed like brown sugar in a bit of oil. I could probably make my own and the results weren't over the top so I may try making my own....or more likely buying other brands ha!

Would I repurchase: I really enjoyed this product but likely wouldn't purchase.

One of the reasons I am trying Lush products is that they are a Cruelty Free brand- no animal testing and many of their products are Vegan and can even be used in lakes without damaging the environment. While I do have products that do not fit this category I am making a conscious effort to have more natural products for me and for the Earth. 

I popped over to the Mac counter as I am building up my eye shadow collection. I grabbed Cranberry Frost on her recommendation for my dark brown eyes. I haven't used it yet but the colour is actually a gorgeous sheer cranberry with gold flecks!

Next stop was my makeup Nirvana- Sephora. Oh did I even not know about you for so long? I am so grateful to Sarah for bringing me into your hallowed doors and not allowing me to lie on the floors and weep with pleasure. Something about her being embarrassed or something. I think hubby may not think as kindly of Sarah for this as I do but that is neither here nor there. 

On boxing day they had these specials where they had some of their higher end products for $12! It was hard to stay away but I did. Happily I found literally the last of them in my scour of the store! 

Nars Super Orgasm blush- mini size: This is a slightly pinkier, more shimmery version of the famous Nars Orgasm blush. You can google it if you are new to it like I was a few months ago to read more about it. Seems like it is a Holy Grail must have for many and you can put me in that category as well. I find I do like Super Orgasm even better as the pinkier tone works really well on my fair skin. You can't see much of a difference side by side so I recommend swatching both on your skin to see which would work for you. 

As this is already a very long post I will review the rest of my Sephora haul in part 2!

Have an awesome day! Andi

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